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Trunk Shows

My favorite Yarn Store to have a Trunk Show for my yarns. Jeanne is always so nice and kind.

Trunk Shows are definitely a challenge to do. Go to the destination, set of grids, place the yarn thru the hooks, and make sure you have them lined up so its not confusing to the customer. It's always a long day whether you travel or set up locally because there's always so much to do. In the end it's all worth it, because your able to make a customer happy as well as making a some money. Running a business, small or a store front, is not easy and you have every day challenges. It is such a good feeling to have your mobile store to be promoted by other business and you get to meet new people every time. If you are able to go to your local yarn store (LYS) please stop by and pick up a skein or two of the guest dyer yarn. The support from the public means so much to the dyer.

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